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Ha, this reminds me of a funny story from years ago.

I worked with (and became pretty good friends with) a very nice, cute guy with chin-length, "rock star" hair. (He had a band too :P )

We worked at the bookstore together, and one day we came across the book We Were Soldiers Once, And Young. (A girl who posts here is the author's granddaughter!)

Me: I know this guy's granddaughter!
Him: Really?
Me: Well, I don't KNOW her, she's also on the website I go to,
Him: Hmmm.
Me: Yup.
Him: Is there a that I can go to?
Me: You can come to our site...I would say you are a 2B.
Him: A 2b?
Me: That is how you classify curly, I'm a 3B and Felicia (woman we worked with) is probably a 4A.
Him: I'm scared to go to this site! Do the 4's and the 3's, like, beat up and boss around the 2s?

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