I'm sorry but I have to say I giggled when I read your post.

I was thinking about my product graveyard of products that didn't work. Like so many others here in PJA (Product Junkie's Anonymous), I'm all too eager to try the next new thing when I already have products that work. So yeah I guess I'm willing to try something new.

I wasn't always this way. I used to be content with just trying new methods.

I will say though, if CK were to be discontinued, I'd be scouring ebay for enough to last my lifetime. And I'd probably have to outbid Notty!
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We could probably all go through our cupboards and get that certain product that a curly just has to have. I bet all of us could go a year and not buy anything more and have enough product.

I know I could. I am still thinking of getting a box, throwing all my products that I have not used in a 3 months or more and send it to some unsuspecting curly. Then she takes out what she wants and puts in her stuff she is not using and sends it on to the next curly. A product chain box.
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