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Interesting.... Not sure.... lemme think out loud....

When I first went CG I HAD to try everything.... Especially what got raves....
Then I learned what my no-no's were texture and ingredient-wise.... Found some HGs... learned to be happy...

Then came Fall - and my hair, well... Fell All my HGs failed me.... And BOY, was I hesitant to start experimenting again... Most likely because I am a very all or nothing typre; so if I'm gonna try one, I try 'em all! And I SO dont wanna get on that product-whore merry-go-round again!

So I resist unless absolutely neccesary. Guess my answer is that I'm not to crazy about stepping out of my product comfort zone...

I think my 45 minutes are up now; thanks for listening. Same time next week?

Comfy couch, btw....
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