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Originally Posted by slinky1
Originally Posted by discgirl
What type of Baptists were you raised around? My great grandmother was dyed in the wool Southern Baptist and was nowhere near that extreme. Sounds as if you're describing old school plain dress Mennonites or Amish or what we called "Pentecostals" where I grew up.
First of all, I'm from NY, so does that mean that the Baptists here are still "Southern"?

Second of all, these are *not* Amish people, just rural Baptists...sorry to say.
sorry to say...? Just want to pop in and speak up for the Baptist. Discgirl is correct that the majority of Baptists are not nearly as strict as was mentioned before. In fact, I do not personally know any that follow all the things mentioned earlier. This is similiar to saying that Catholics don't practice birth control or get divorced. In the real world, people usually follow their own convictions.
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