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Thanks for all your comments - I will definitely persist with the KC combo as I know some things need to be used a few times before you 'get it right.' (and also I have spent to much on the stuff to merely discard it!!).

Kathy Mack - Giovanni Direct and KBB milk are next on my list of leave ins to try so it's great that you say they are more moisturising than the KT - I need LOTS of moisture!!!
If you need moisture, you want to try all of the KBB products--nectar/milk/cream/butter.
Oh no you've gone and done it now - I just have to place an order from the KBB website right now!!!! And I promised myself no more hair stuff until all current lotions and potions were finished - never mind - an early Christams pressie to myself!

Does anyone know how long shipping to the UK takes??
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