Yeah, this has happened to me twice since I went natural. Once by a friend and once by a co-worker (I work at a professional firm so it can happen there too ). Both times, neither of them asked, just reached for my hair and touched? It has also happened to a couple of friends and relatives of mine by complete strangers. It's like an epidemic lol! I wonder if they would ever reach out and touch the straight hair of a woman. I personally wouldn't since I know it takes some people hours to straighten their hair and have it lay perfectly the way they want it. Yet, I also know that people work hard to style their textured hair 'just right'. That's the reason I would never reach out and grab curly/coily/kinky hair without asking and without making sure my hands are clean first lol! I also think it may happen more frequently among people with afro textured hair since that's seen less by the majority, and is more foreign to people. That's changing of course.
BC Sep. 7 2007, 4a Wiry, Spongy, Low Po
Love: water, conditioner ˛,smoothing ingredients
No: protein, stearalkonium chloride, drying oils.
Cleanse: Kenra, CJ Daily Fix, CON Argan Shampoo
Deep Co (Double Condition Method): CR CWT or Sally’s GVP Balm + Giovanni TTTT
Leave-in: KCKT, KeraCare NT
Moisturizer (LO, LOL Method): MHC Sophia's Grease, Nature’s Gate Vitamin E Oil, CJ Rehab, CR Milk
Styler: KCCC, Andre Walker Gold, CR Milk, CR Aloe Butter

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