Thanks for the replies! Wow, sometimes reading blogs or posts I feel as if people stick to their guns and make unwavering decisions about when they'll BC. I don't feel so alone.

Ok, I've decided I will at least wait until my edges fill in a little more (does anyone know how to fix this?) and I think I have a little of what everyone refers to as scab hair on the back right side, so I will wait until that grows out a bit. Then I will make a decision. I just want it to be healthy first, maybe that is best. The Spring 09 chop off sounds like something I may be interested in... Thanks! I'll check that out!

As far as being scared of short hair...I'm not sure how much it would bother me, personally. Most TWAs that I've seen look really good and I think most of you would probably look cute, too. I've never had short hair so maybe it would be a nice change. Not relying on long hair for beauty might be a good exercise in self-love anyway... sometimes I have to remind myself that hair isn't that serious. Buuut TWAs really are cute on most people...hmmm. I'll think about that...

If nothing else I think I am just being impatient. But yeah the two textures... so over it.