Sometimes people joke my hair is like Sideshow Bob's (from the Simpsons). I usually laught it off but it really hurts inside.
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I sympathize! Reading your post reminded me about people from my high school calling me Sideshow Bob, too. I had never seen the character Sideshow Bob when they started calling me that, but when I did, I was so hurt because I couldn't believe they thought my hair looked like that (I have pix on my below). What hurt the most, I think, was people telling me that I didn't look biracial because my curl pattern wasn't loose enough. They would say things like "What? You're mixed? You don't look like it b/c you don't have that "good" hair." I hate that good hair, bad hair bs. Hair is hair, and it doesn't need to be leaning towards straight for it to be considered "good."
3C/4A...I'm not sure. I'm part Polish, Swedish, Swiss-German, and half Liberian with a crazy hair type.
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