I am glad that you are happy with your hair and if I lived in NY i would probably not need a relaxed (my hair is so much better there). But the water and weather here is so different. I dont like the way my hair looks w/p relaxer, I tried and I like to pass the relaxer cause its easier for me to handle.

Also I have wayyy to much hair and I have a huge head!! It doesnt look like it I do. Maybe when I get order I will stop but I dont have the patience right now to deal with it on a daily.

You are probably a Cynthia right ? Im a Cynthia too and my nick name is Cyn everyone calls me that!

No poo, Deva brown, One C, Deva Leav in, BioSilk Rock Hard Gel and Diffuse!!!

I am loving honey w/ ginsing miracle 8 as my treatment.