wow, I dunno how I missed this thread before... lol

I didn't want to pay for a site either, like a lot of you, so I went the OK Cupid route. The first guy I met up with was the pushy sort like someone mentioned on th first page. REALLY pressed to meet IMMEDIATELY for drinks and me being stupid, I agreed.


He asked what I did for a living, and I told him... and he asked what exactly I do in a day, and I told him... and he rolled his eyes and was all "THAT'S what a graphic designer does?" all snobby and disdainful. -_- not a great first impression. On top of that, he was short, balding (at 24...), couldn't hold a conversation thread for longer than 20 seconds if it wasn't about his job or his travels and totally wouldn't take no for an answer when he tried to kiss me at the end of the date.

I only went on two other dates, one of which was really just uneventful... not great, not horrible. just blah. And he'd just broken off an engagement and was still living with the chick, which was a big deal breaker for me.

And the other actually turned out to be pretty damn perfect for me Really smart, genuinely sweet guy that's just the right mix of outgoing, nerdy and compassionate. Been dating for a couple of months now, and it's going strong

The WORST part of online dating though was the ridiculous messages I would get (and still do, when I bother to check my messages) from some of the guys. I actually got propositioned by a 47 year old man (I'm 25), who is married. He said something about how he and his wife aren't 'intimate' any longer, and he's looking for someone to fill that void in his life. But it'd have to be secret, and we could only meet during such and such hours, Mon-Wed.


Seriously? Uh, no thanks... but good luck on your search, jerk.
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