OMG, you did it! I don't know if you remember, but we were supposed to support each other through the Spring Challenge! [I think we both joined this site around the same time and were at about the same point in transition. Unfortunately, life got in the way and I haven't really posted much in the forum. But I check in every now and then and I've gotten SO MUCH VALUABLE INFO from this site.]

You did what I have been thinking so much about doing lately. I am now about a week away from my 11 mo. relaxer-free anniversary. I finally posted pics to my fotki -- I am SO sick of the straight ends. But I'm scared. I just can't imagine HOW I would actually wear my hair if I BC'd right now. At least with the length I can still bun. I am not kidding...I have worn a bun for what will soon be 365 days straight!!!! ACK. But I keep thinking there's no way I'll make it to May (the Challenge date).

Congratulations to you! You've inspired me!
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Aww thanks!!
Yea... I kinda ended up bailing on that challenge, but for reasons that had more to do with upcoming events. I'm sure you'd look great if you chopped now, but I hope you can stick with the challenge though! You'll be happy you have more length by then, I'm sure.
Keep us updated!
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