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Originally Posted by KinkyPJ View Post
I just came back from the Toronto Honeyfig store and I was really impressed. They had Oyin Handmade! Yippee! They are currently out of the Whipped Pudding but have pretty much everything else. They also carry Kinky Curly, Mixed Chicks and Carolís Daughter. I was in curly girl heaven.

Also, they are in talks with Qhemet so that may be coming soon.

Happy Shopping!
Hey KinkyPJ,
Oh my gosh, I will be going to HoneyFig in a couple of weeks to see what's going on there. I got that complimentary call from the owner to say all the new products they have there and I was so happy to hear about the OYIN products! My question is, are the products reasonably priced (Oyin specifically)? Or are we, as Canadians, charged WAYYYYYYY more than the USAers? lol

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