ok, so question...

got my bottle from BB (THANKS!). What's the consistency meant to be like? Mine's REALLY watery... like, no where near a gel-like consistency. Normal?
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Very normal, Mims - fear not! Just shake it well before each use, use plenty (I have yet to overdo it with this stuff!), and scrunch well.

Here's today's major application tip for those who get broken clumps and want their ends nice (like me!): after applying generously from root to tip, and scrunching well all the way to the root (I've been using the scrunch and pump with much success), I use my wide toothed comb on just my ends to reclump and "put things in order". Then I scrunch out the excess water and gel with a dry flour sack towel, and plop into a different flour sack towel for however long (insert your own timeframe here). The biggest tip I can give you with FSG - especially the stuff I make - is to not be stingy. I swear to you - it is nearly impossible to overdo, and it should not weigh you down at all!

BSL/Mid Back, thick 3a/b

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