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Default longer than 6 weeks?

Hi everyone. My hair looks like sh*7 so i want to try this. My hair is just a mix of everything unholy! It's so frizy up on top when i leave it curly, from mid way hair to the bottom, its pretty straight bc i flat iron it SOOOO MUCH that it doesnt curl! so when i curly it, i have this frizz curl on top and stringy straight parts at the end... i dont think it is possible for my hair to look perfect like it does on all of you!!! I just have thick extremely dry hair. SOOO, with that said, i dont wash my hair everyday- more like once a week. and if my hair is straight (flat iron straight- never any chemicals), i'll go maybe a little over a week cause it takes me about 2 hours to straighten it so it's not somthign i care to do often- will the product last me the 6 weeks or more? do i have to wash my hair weekly with the product? i'm guessng it would be easier to wash with the LK so i might wash it more often... not sure... and, do i have to wash after the 48 hours??? cause that's a whole lotta heat for my hair i think...
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