I made some over the weekend with the golden flax seeds and added a little honey as it cooled. I used KBB SS as a leave-in, and a ton of the FSG, and that's all. It's been great! I haven't needed any gel over it at all, and that's saying a lot. Before finding this, some days HE SMU gel wasn't enough hold for me. I love only needing to use 2 products! I'm planning to make more this weekend and try adding some aloe to it as well. The only drawback is the nasty slimy feeling. I know I need to use so much that it feels disgusting in my hair, but every day I've been having to force myself to keep putting more in!
Mostly 3A, some 3B/2C fine-med texture/med porosity/low density

wash: alternate co-washing with V05 & soap bars
Rinse out: Rotate TJ's N&S, AOHR, LVPNG, GVP K-Pak, CJ CA Daily Condish
ACV rinses 2x/wk (high pH water)
LI: if I use one, it's usually CJ CALI CJ H&B LI, or GDLI
Styling: FSG with AVG, AN, hemp seed oil & slippery elm (winter only), KCCC, CJ CCCC, CJ SG, CJ AFG, AOMM & BRHG

Currently experimenting w/DM Miracurls CG & MM