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hi there for those who havent seen a significant improvement....
i actually used waaaaay too much the first treatment, so myhair was really limp and i just wanted to wash it out cuz it was almost wet with so much treatment. i stuck it out though and once the 48 hrs was up i washed, conditioned, used the serum and flat ironed. i loved it then, and i love it now even when i just use the serum, twist it and let it air dry. maybe because i used so much i got great results? seriously my hair was almost slimy with the treatment because i didnt want to miss any strands! LOL now i have only about a third of the bottle left, so i am thinking 2 treatments per bottle is a better plan for the future....i will continue to update and let you know when it starts to wear out. i think i am going to use the last bit of treatment to touch up once i see a sign of it washing out..i think i have washed about 6 times so far. i definitely need to be able to buy the treatment separately but i dont think they have that yet
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