in response to a question Gretchen asked me on another thread [what color should a person w/ deep-set eyes use?]:

the colour used depends on your eye colour.

because i have very dark brown eyes with a reddish tone and a navy blue ring, i had to do some research.

herewith are my findings from surfing many, MANY sites on what colours of eye shadow complement certain eye colours -

Blue eyes - light purples [lilac, lavender], light browns [camel, taupe], peach, pink

Green eyes - pink, peach, mauve and purples, bronze [also applies to Hazel eyes]

Brown eyes - shades of browns and tans lighter or darker than your own eye colour, purples, dark greens, dark blues, pinks

if your eyes are deep-set, try not to go darker than a medium shade in any colour that you choose. dark shades make your eyes recede more.


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