I use it on my daughter and it works well. I do find it has a strong herb scent to it.

At night after bath she gets a leave in (also from Fairy Tales) and a drop a kccc, and for the inevitable bed head both in the morning and after a mid day nap I use a little bit of the Little Sprouts Curl Calmer and the Fairy Tales gel. I kind of just rake that in her hair and the knots just dissapear ( not always wetting it down, I dont' need to with the curl calmer) and then scrunch in some of the fairy tales gel. Prefect hair. It does help with clumping even on *gasp* her dry hair. It also has the lightest hold I've ever seen, darn near no hold at all. Perfect for my 2 1/2 year old.

She asks every morning and every day after nap for Mommy to make her curlies beautiful.