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Originally Posted by rudeechick View Post
Wow, i guess she is not alone. Will have to research it more; i was under the impression it was a MAJOR surgical undertaking....

Tummy tuck is not a surgery for obese people, but rather a surgery for people who are post-obesity and want to repair the damage. It is a very major surgery, worse than a c-section or most other abdominal surgeries, because it involves skin, fat and muscle layers, and because there are often substantial amounts of skin and fat amputated, and sections of the abdomen are sewed together that have never been together before, so the body must form new blood and nerve connections. The recovery is long and painful, and the swelling often goes on for months. But, most women who have it done are ultimately satisfied with the result. When there is abdominal damage of the skin and muscle from pregnancy or previous obesity, there just isn't any other way to get a flat belly. There are risks of infection and death with EVERY surgery, although if the person is relatively young and healthy, the risks are small. Some women are willing to take the risks to get it. I would take the risks.
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