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Originally Posted by redcelticcurls View Post
Originally Posted by kat180 View Post Im the only one here who has a problem with children being allowed a gun? Wow- I guess things really are different in the uk to other countries. Jesus Christ.
I grew up around them, so I guess I don't see it as such a big deal. Kids hunt, and kids usually can't use an adult sized gun.

But, any responsible gun owner knows that you don't keep guns unlocked with kids around.

Phoenix, I can relate to your story.

I find it odd that the Dad noticed no issues. I wonder if he was so busyt shtupping his girlfiend that his son suffered a little benign neglect.
This makes the most sense to me. And I wonder if the neglect was "benign." Not that what the boy did is justifiable, but what kind of parent doesn't notice violent rage at that level?
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