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Originally Posted by Phoenix View Post
Kids seem to think oral sex is like kissing too. I don't know if they're minimizing these more or if they're less educated than before, or what...
Well, not quite like kissing, it's more like the general consensus is that it's the "next step up." Like my friend will talk about hooking up with some guy and just say "the BJ was blah blah" like there's just supposed to be one.

And on the technical virginity thing, it's like a friend of mine who did some very "adult" stuff for her kinda-boyfriend but would never have sex with him until the 6 month mark or something, which they never reached. I just kinda did the phone version of nodding along when she told me about stuff - I don't get the point. If you're going to have some kind of sex, why should only he have the fun? I'm not even going to get into how disgusted I am that girls feel they have to do soooo much just to preserve their hymens while boys can go and do whatever and not feel like they've committed some kind of crime - that is for another thread.

Originally Posted by Suburbanbushbabe View Post
Apparently Rihanna gave him the herp. Can we say uncontrollable rage issues?
I don't care if she gave him stage 3 syphilis and his dick fell off. He shouldn't beat her up.
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