Ok so I just want to make sure I understand this before I go try it.

You cowash normal (right side up) and totally rinse out like normal. You then rake through your rinse out, lean over so it is upside down, then take more rinse out and scrunch it in until it feels squishy like seaweed. You can then flip it back up and do the rest of your shower routine, then you can rinse it out upside down. Do you then scunch it some more (with or without conditioner?) once you've rinsed? Then when you get out of the shower, you're scrunching in products rather than raking to keep the clumps? Anyone plopping with this method?

Sorry to be dense, just want to make sure I get it
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With conditioner as your leave-in...no separate leave-in after that but yes you have it right. I also got a little over conditioned as I wash every day (how I long for second day hair) so I would scrunch after rinsing without using more condish as a leave-in on the days my hair felt soft enough. I plop too but only for 5 min or so as it took WAY too long to dry my hair without plopping. I'm still getting good clumps though and rinsing with cool water has seemed to really seal a lot of moisture in. Im still loving this method
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