I've had one, not this particular one obviously, for 20 years or more, but I never use it because of everything LisaF1163 says - it can be very hard to find the right seat and surface for the dryer. It's just too much trouble, plus even once perfectly positioned, it gets the top good and dry but if your hair's more than collar length, it doesn't get the length at all - same as happens to me if they try to put me under one at the salon.
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That's another reason I don't like them, and my hair isn't even that long - it's around "bottom of the neck" length, and bonnet dryers don't get it all dry at the ends. And yeah, you can't move once you're position, they're a real pain.
One salon I've gone to has a halo dryer that moves around your head without blowing your hair around. That or strategically placed infra-red lights works much better if hair has any length at all.
Those things are SO cool! I went to a salon once that had those. You're being circled all around with all this nice, even warmth. Too bad they don't have those for $50!
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