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I've given ample time and now is the time to post an unsuccessful swap with Curl Interupted.
Here's the story and if anyone wants proof (with emails) I have them. I won't post them publicly but I surely will privately If you are wondering whether or not to do swaps with her.
Anyway.... I pay pal'd her on the 31st of Dec. for some shampoo, on the 18th of Jan. after I have received nothing, I emailed her. She emailed me back because she forgot to send it out. (I have the email still)
I really wanted this shampoo so I ordered it on line and received that package a few days later.
By the 28th of Jan. still nothing from Curl Interupted. I emailed her again and she said she mailed it out. Still nothing.
So, that's my story. I personally will not do swaps with this person ever again.
She didn't make an offer to make good.
I have done that with people if I don't insure it.
I will post IF I receive it but if you don't hear from me, it means I never received anything.

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