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Oh, I had a beautiful volume with both books, which had some great illustrations in between. I loved the more light-hearted fare of Little Men. I don't know that I identified with any of the characters much, only that I couldn't stand Amy and that she ended up with Laurie.
I read somewhere that girls either identified with Amy or Jo. Anyone I ever met hated Amy, so I wondered who these girls were that liked her. Probably the same girls who dated your boyfriend after you broke up with him.
I liked Amy......but I liked Jo too. Jo and Laurie would have never worked though. I sorta identified with Amy, because I remember wishing my nose would grow and trying to make it grow! LOL

Anyway, I would say I'm a mix of Elizabeth Bennett from P&P, Scarlett O'Hara from GWTW, Meggie from The Thornbirds and Frannie Hunter from Hunger Point!
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