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Well I didnt have honey so I used molasses, and didnt have egg or mayo so I used some Cesar dressing...

Kidding on the dressing but I saw it in the fridge when looking for something with egg in it and had a good laugh

I did one banana, 1T EVOO, 2T molasses, 1/4 cup strong coffee.

I went ahead and washed before hand, and ended up leaving it on my hair for 2 hours - I just plopped it in an old tshirt.
I co-washed it out and added product as I did the other day on my "best" cg hair day so far. I've got it plopping right now. to be continued...
Brand new to CG - 3/16/09
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I think I'm a 3A with 2A underneath.
Trying to figure out my routine!

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