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It's a shame that Jessica Szhor changed her hair just for the sake of Hollywood, but, unfortunately, until someone says enough, it'll keep happening. Cantfightcurls, I hear ya. People constantly assume things about my background based on my looks. I was telling my friends that just the other day, I was at the store shopping for hair stuff (what fun!) when one of the employees just comes up and asks me if I'm Cuban, in a sort-of in-your-face kind of way, not even an "Excuse me, miss" or anything. After I told them I was 1/2-black, 1/2 white with two American parents, he was happy, I guess. I get weird encounters like that occassionally and I told my friends that for times like that, I'm gonna tell people I'm from Middle Earth, like in Lord of the Rings, since some people are so pressed.
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