Thanks everyone. I have read those links before, although I wasn't seriously considering going CG at the time. Other than my beloved shampoo and probably my equally beloved Aphogee Keratin Treatment, would I need to give up any of these products?

Shampoo (2x a week) with Nature's Gate Jojoba Oil
Condition (daily) with Nature's Gate Jojoba Oil; Giovanni Direct Leave-In
Style with Ojon Conditioning Finishing Finishing Paste (penny sized amount), No Frizz (five sprays), and Paul Mitchell Round Trip (1/2 pump)

I'm pretty sure my hair is too short to plop. I might try it after my whiplash pain fades though. Also, can anyone recommend any new CG-friendly products I should try? I know there are a lot of favorites on the boards (KBB, BSHR, Boots, KKCC, etc.), but I'm not sure which combination would be best for my extremely fine, 3a hair that--at its very curliest--forms loose ringlets. I'm willing to replace most everything I use, and price isn't too much of an issue.
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You might want to call a bank for current interest rates. That's a loaded question on this board full of PJ's.

My hair is quite fine and my products are listed in my signature. The only one I know for sure that you can keep is the Giovanni leave-in. I think some of the others are ok too but I never used them so I'm not 100%.
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