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woww! ur hair is amazing!!!
whats your routine? i love the little spirally short curl that just stands out
lol. which one? in person they ALL do that!!

Seriously, thank you. Right now my routine is CV bars, Tigig MM and either HESMU or DMHJ under Boots. Once a week I ACV and DT.
Rudee-I am being dense so feel free to roll your eyes when you read this. But you are putting either SMU or DMHJ under the boots?? So it would be bars, condish, gel or jelly then boots???
I am using DMHJ under the Boots. I HAVE used it under the SMU, but it made my hair a bit too coily- which was how I got the thought to use it with the Boots, which, for me, has less hold than the SMU.
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