I don't ever check dew points. Bad, I know. I just go by how I feel. If it's above 40 and when I breath the air doesn't feel dry, or if my spring allergies are in full force then I know I'm safe for honey. Hope I haven't steered you wrong. I just know this is my second honey day and the second day of great hair. Now if I could only get actual "second" day hair I'd be a totally happy camper.
< member since 2006 (no idea where 1969 came from ).

Medium/high porosity; color treated; medium density; medium; 2c/3a; chin length.
Daily co-wash & Leave-In = Suave Naturals Juicy Green Apple conditioner.
Every other day protein conditioner (before leave-in) = Aubrey Organics GBP conditioner.
Styling (high dew point) = Aussie Instant Freeze Gel; (low dew point) = SM Curl Enhancing Smoothie.