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Originally Posted by curlymix View Post
Well they rose at the end of last week into the 40s them dipped for the last two days to the mid 30s. This morning I'm looking at 40. With a temp of mid 70s. Does temp matter at all with the dew point? Humidity is obviously in the 30s somewhere I think.

I swear, since learning to love my hair I've become an amature scientist and meterologist!!!

(I'm actually happy about that, I'm looking to be a 'jackie of all trades'! Hehehe )
curlymix I kept forgetting to reply to your question. Do temps play a role as well as dews? Unfortunately I don't know for certain but it just SEEMS that every time the Temp is warm enough it's not my wash day so I can't test this theory but I WILL and when I do you will get full report!

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