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Originally Posted by AlannahAngel View Post
I doubt it - most Pantene products aren't CG. However, some of your other products don't appear to be either, so you may not mind.
All my products have either cones that can be co-washed out or cones that are water-soluble (amodimethicone is water-soluble if there is trideceth-12 and cetrimonium chloride) but thanx for your opinion

Okay thanks to everyone who helped about my question (pantene gel). I didn't get it but instead I got garnier fructis endurance 24H gel. It is not sticky at all and has maximum hold! I'm trying it tonight but it's not sticky on my hands! Sorry to be off-topic, I know this thread is about herbal essences gels.
alanah there's some discussion about A-cone here that sheds new light on trideceth-12. It seems that the T-12 makes the A-cone dispersible in water but forms a film on the hair requiring a surfectant to remove it.
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