I have wondered if looser or White curlies use two strand aka kinky twists too. Twists and twist outs look good on any type of curl I imagine, they are good for protective styling (keeping your hand out of your head, preventing breakage and just letting your hair grow) more people should try them. Plus the resulting twist out gives you a cool look. And twists and braids can be a good style to blend relaxed and natural hair during a transition or give curls to heat damaged curls. http://tightlycurly.com/GrowItOut.aspx

There are two examples of looser curlies who use this style:
EmpressRi's channel:

Teri of tightlycurly.com and she has long hair down her back. I imagine twists on long hair can take longer definitely, depends on if you have the patience:
You can put your hair in thick twists, without needing rubber-bands to keep them from untwisting.

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