Jillipoo, thanks for the reply. I think you were probably clear the first time, but I still get so confused sometimes about all the different product ingredients and factors that affect our hair, yikes! All I know is, my hair is loving that CO, which seems to be distinguished by its fatty alcohols. I still use the oils, and I've recently done a protein DT with heat and a couple of moisture DTs with oils, and my hair liked them, too.

As for my hair quality, I'm still not sure what I've got! And I've read Tiffany's great posts about porosity, texture, etc. I'm getting my hair cut next week (eek!) by a new stylist (eek!!!), so maybe I'll ask her how she would view my hair.

I don't think I have coarse hair. The underlayer is silky and seems quite fine to me -- this layer barely has any wave. That's how all my hair was when I was young. Then the top layer, which is the wavy part, is somewhat coarser, but I still think it's probaby in the average range. However, I believe it is more porous. I can feel little "catches" on it when I run my fingers up it, while the bottom layer hairs feel very smooth. The top layer has for many years been dryer, the color for years has been lighter as if a bit fried from the sun or??, and for many years, it's been the part that looked damaged. Since going CG, it has looked much better, and it became curlier. Since using the GVP, it's been looking much, much healthier and is softer and less frizzy. I'd been told in the past that my hair was porous.
I think I've finally found things that work pretty well for my hair, but I do wish I knew more about the texture. It would really be helpful just to know medium, fine, or coarse, porous or not. But I think the answer will be that I'm a little of this, a little of that -- so how do you deal with it if part of your hair needs protein and the other hates it, etc.??
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