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Jillipoo, it was a back burner purchase/impulse buy. I was at the store to buy a hair dryer and asked about it and they had it.

I like it better than the Shea butter as a leave-in -- the LSBC is a bit rough as a leave-in and I'm concerned that color will stain my hair. I mixed the Olive Oil with a little KBB Super Silky today (love that stuff).

I agree, but unfortunately after several days of using it, my hair starts to react to one of the oils in it. I think it might be the wheat germ oil.
magoo why do you thinkthat?? Did you see the article from curly chemist about wheat germ oil?

Actually, I didn't read that article. Thanks for the link! To be honest, I'm not 100% sure what it was in the LSOO that my hair reacted to. At first my hair loved it but after a week or so my hair reacted just like it does when I use protein. It was dry, crispy and rough to the touch. Too bad, cause I was getting great definition from it.
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