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Geeze I'm so wasteful.. I bought two things of conditioner, Elasta QP Feels like silk, Jamaican Mango and Lime Locking Gel, Lustrasilk cholestrol Plus, and some hair ties....
I haven't bought anything new, I need to use the stuff I have first... I tried the Elasta Qp Feels like silk gel today and it reminds me of the blue scurl gel.. the texture of the gel is similar to a slightly thinner pantene and it leaves that soapy stuff when applying it.. it made my hair shiny and defined, if i had a TA(tiny afo) I would love this stuff but for longer hair, it's a no go, no hold and although it defines the curl it doesn't separate them so my hair looks thick and undefined if that makes sense... not a product i could wear my hair down with, i tried and had to put it up.. my hair looks like a saggy shiny curly almost fro if that makes sense lol....
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