Hey curlies,

I have so been enjoying these boards! I'm about 7 weeks into my shampoo-free CG experience. Still experimenting a lot. I am loving KCKT + KCCC + BRHG (thanks to kathymack for the samples!) but only when I have time for it to dry into a completely crunchy, wet-looking style- it's worth it though, because it scrunches out just beautifully with a little jojoba oil on my hands!

So, on to my main point: My wedding is coming up in early July in upstate NY. It will most likely be hot and humid. I still have time to experiment, but I'm not sure I trust my CG products to stay through the whole day. I don't know why, I just don't! I want to be assured I will look great in all the photos, all day and night!

(A bit off-topic, but I'm planning to wear my just-above-shoulder-length hair mostly down with a few pieces twisted & pinned back with pearl pins)

So... if you were me, would you stick to a CG combo that works 90% of the time, or would you revert to a previous favorite product, which was Curls Rock creme? Just for that day... Do you think just ONE sulfate wash post-wedding followed by a DT would leave my hair in approximately the same great condition as before the silicones & sulfates?

But I don't want my hair to be dried out for my honeymoon... *sigh*

What would YOU do?

Thanks so much!