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Default Haircut next week...

Originally Posted by StruttsWife View Post
- Curly hair needs to have layering of some sort, but this can be a minefield. Tell your stylist to give you long layers, but to keep the angle at 45 degrees and not raise you up to a 90 at any time. Reason: 90-degree angles are very tricky on curly hair and, if she doesn't know what she is doing, you could end up with the dreaded "mushroom" or "triangle" head.
I'm getting a haircut next week...I'm using a stylist I found really good reviews for through this site. I'm going to ask for long layers and I need some help!
What exactly do you mean by "keep the angle at 45 degrees"?
Should I bring my own sulfate-free shampoo, or is it likely that they'll have one there?
Also, how much of a difference in length should there be between the longest layer and the shortest layer?
I have medium length hair right now, and I'd like to let it get longer. The last time I had it cut, it was cut at all one length (I'll never do that again; it's driving me crazy!)
Thanks for any help and advice!
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