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Originally Posted by desert flower View Post
1. You are with your husband at a formal event and in walks an older woman with the most horribly brushed out BSL hair I have ever seen in my life and your husband blurts out, "Now there's a curly who thinks she has straight hair. Maybe at her age, she missed the curly hair revolution", and then tries to take a picture of it.

2. Your husband walks in the bathroom at 7 in the morning, all bleary-eyed and says, "Good curl formation today. You should post a picture on"

While I am not sure why he calls this site, the comments above just cracked me up...and all in a 12 hour period.

By the way, my husband is a no-nonsense 40 year old Marine Corps officer, which makes his observations even funnier to me.
LOL, that's great!! My SO doesn't make comments on anyone else really, but the other day he was watching me do my hair in the morning very intently and we had this conversation:

Me: *stares back* What are you doing?
Him: Watching you
Me: Yes, why?
Him: I'm trying to figure out what you're doing
Me: I'm scrunching in gel
Him: What does that do?
Me: Gel? It holds the style until it dries, you know that.
Him: No, I mean, what does scrunching do?
Me: Well... I guess it helps form the curls
Him: Oh, see, that's what I thought. I thought you were separating and forming them. I guess it works.
Me: Yes, it does.

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