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Hi Angiecurls....You could email Curls and asked them to recommend products that may work with your hairtype. That's what I did and Spiral Curls Cream was one of the products suggested and I love it. I have tried the Milkshake,I had a sample. It is a great moisturizing product but for me a little goes a long way. I used it under the SCC and I had soft bouncy curls. It loosens my curls(Milkshake) but it makes my hair soooo soft and it smells really good.It reminds me of vanilla icing you squeeze on rolls and turnovers.
I use and love Spiral Curls Cream, Pure Essentials Moisturizer,Naturally Enhanced Curl Lotion,and Ecstasy Asian Hair Tea Conditioner and love them. They make my hair look and feel great every time. HTH!!!
My hair is not the boss of me!!!!
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