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Walgreens probably thinks Im just trying 2 try all their new stuff this week... So earlier this week, I bought YesTo Cucumbers Color Care Shampoo AND Conditioner (even though my hair has never been permanently colored...). I hated it... When I used the shampoo, it reminded me of when I used Mane n Tail Shampoo (kinda like I was washing a barbie doll's hair...MT didn't work for me...), and the condish just felt like it sat on my hair when I used it... i didn't feel like my hair was actually taking it in...
So I took the YesTo back and exchanged for Jason's Tea Trea Scalp Normalizing Condish and Dickonson's Natural Witchhazel toner. last night I finally tried Jason's... and I hated it! Again, I felt like I was washing fake hair PLUS I didn't feel like my hair was taking it in... And I had SO MUCH BREAKAGE!!!(like I've been constantly getting lately...) I feel like I'm trying to find the positive magnet (the right condish) to g2 the negative magnet(my hair)...

But so far, my hair is in a love affair with Giovanni Smooth as Silk Deeper Moisture Condish... No matter what else I try, (even my Escencia Hydrating Condish) nothing goes in as well as my Giovanni
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