[ it's hard to make specific recommendations when you're reporting fine, medium and coarse hair texture.]

I'm sorry, I must not be expressing myself very well. I know I have very fine texture hair. However, it seems that the description of curl types don't fit me. According to the descriptions on this website of curl type (as I understand it and feel free to correct me if I am misunderstanding) 2a is fine textured but very loosely waved, 2b has medium texture and more tightly waved, and 2c has the coarsest texture and is even more tightly waved. So if I have VERY finely textured hair but and definitely more than loosely waved, where does that put me? That is what was confusing me, the definitions provided, not my understanding of my hair texture. There is no doubt about it, I have very fine hair and a lot of it. Does that help clarify what I meant?

Oh, thanks for all the advice everyone? Do people with fine hair and a lot of it like hair styling creams, or gels? I personally hate crunchy hair or hair that looks wet when it is dry, but maybe I need to get over it. Also, is aloe vera gel an okay substitue for a styling gel. I saw that someone was using it and thought I might try it.

I'm trying to use natural products because I seem to be having a lot of sensitivities and many hair products (like cones) make my skin break out. I think that aloe vera is non pore cloggiing so I thought it would be a good choice.

Seriously, I'm a mess. The SLS in my toothpaste has caused a rash around my mouth, something in the new face wash (Avalon organics lavendar milk for sensitive skin) caused my lips to go numb, the Dr. Bronners made my legs burn when I used it diluted for the first time, and Giovanni gave me an asthma attack in the shower.

I guess that's part of the frustration--I'm having to change all my products at once because of these reactions to chemicals. I guess I was hoping someone would look at my routine and say, "Quit doing that," (which I see that many said I need to cut down on the shampooing--does that include co-wash as well?). And, "Try these products . . . they are good for people with fine hair and a lot of it." I was overwhelmed with all the choices (not just with hair but with trying to find something to use on my skin and in my mouth that will cut soen of the reactions.) I know--a tall order. :-)

This morning I water washed, used Burt's Bees moisture conditioner, put a pea sized amount of it as a leave in as well, and then aloe vera gel all while using mystery's method that Kathy mentioned. My hair will take at least 3 hours to air dry, maybe more since it is humid outside, so I won't know the results fo quite a while.

Thanks again everyone!