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Awesome . I am excited to try it out, then! No need for this "trim your hair every six weeks" business (that really did NOT help my hair keep its length at all).
Experimenting w/CG May 09
2b/3aMii, porosity?, oily scalp/DRY hair/no frizz/quick dry/SLOW growth, AZ desert
No parabens, quats, cones, sulfates, glycerin, caster oil, wax, & mineral oil.
Yes minimal protein, minimal oil
?Honey Brown Sugar Aloe Shea ACV Baking soda Magnesium sulfate Lavender poo bars GVP?
Current Plan:
Co-wash: SNC
Leave-In: GDL
Low poo: GTTTT
DT: Coconut/Almond/EVO Oil, SNC
Styling: FSG
Tools: Satin pillowcase, Microfiber, scalp brush
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