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Originally Posted by BekkaPoo View Post
Originally Posted by curry curls View Post
So, BekkaPoo and the others who just use conditioner how much conditioner do you leave in? I'm leaving in a tablespoon or so but thought more might be better since leaving out the gel. Or, maybe not.

I couldn't give you an exact amount. Mostly it depends on what I want for my hair that day.. for more control and definition, I use more conditioner (say, enough to cover the palm of my hand, maybe more if I don't get enough coating all of my hair). For more volume I use less conditioner. In that case I rinse out most of it, and going by feel, just leave in enough to feel a little slip, and then seal with an oil or shea butter and air dry.
Thanks BekkaPoo. Sorry for the delay...just saw this. I think I'll try using more conditioner next time.
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