This thread always cracks me up. I was a teacher for 5 years and the kids (2nd grade to 7th grade) had to touch my hair...all the time. It was waist length then and just boinging the curls cracked them up. It never really bothered me except for that random long curl that has been boinged all day!

The funniest experience I had was when we took a group of 7th graders to Sardegna, Italy for two weeks. We were living with host families in a tiny town. Every morning, on our walk to the school, the old women would all touch my hair for good was really funny to me but I had to keep a serious face because I didn't want to disrespect their tradition. Besides, how fun is it to be a good luck charm and not cursed? Haha!

People also feel the need to randomly touch my arms. I am Middle Eastern and have always waxed my arms, which is common there, but most women in the States don't do this..Total strangers run a finger up and down my forearm...seriously, it's no different than a waxed leg!

But being Middle Eastern - and from the Mediterranean side - I grew up in a VERY touchy feely environment...lots and lots of hugging and kissing of friends and strangers alike.

So, I guess it doesn't really bother me that much...unless, of course, it's a creepy guy or someone with dirty hands!!