which one from CV did you use? I ordered a sample of the clay and mud shampoo bar and the rosemary mint SB, was it one of those?

is a ACV rinse always needed after using a SB?
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The one I used had honey in the name, I think the other was the rosemary mint. It was such a horrible experience, I'd have to look at the website to see what it was (it was last Sept) because I've tried to block it! My hair was really terrible--took it a while to recover. Because they use similar ingredients in their soaps (castor oil in all of them which my hair hates)--I just gave them away instead of chancing another catastrophe with the rosemary mint.

The purpose of an acid rinse is to restore pH balance to hair--soap is alkaline, hair is acid. It also flattens the cuticle. The last few times, I add a little of the Dr. Bronner's Shikakai Rinse to my rinse out conditioner. When I tested the rinse, it was VERY STRONGLY ACIDIC according to my test strips. Thought that would be enough.
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