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I have used it for my hair and much prefer it to bentonite as it doesn't get lumpy. I'm not fond of clay for my skin unless I'm lying on a treatment bed and an aesthetician is applying it. I mix the rhassoul with yogurt, oil, a bit of acv and herbal extracts of marshamallow and burdock.
SBB, your mixture sounds good and (almost!) edible. I just bought some marshmallow root; do you make your own extracts? I haven't yet researched how to use it; I think the idea is to make a sort of tea from it. I'm thinking of adding it to my homemade FSG, which I love.
Let us know how that goes! I can only buy marshmellow root in bulk out here and i don't want to waste 10$ on something i won't use again. but i am tempted to add it to my fsg, keep us posted!

and thanks kathymac for your insight!
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