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I've tried many natural hair products but they all seem to contain alcohol, which I hate!!! It makes my hair kinda dry. I also don't like that there's acids in these products, I don't know what the acid does but it seems a little iffy to me. Does anyone know of a product without sulfates, parabens, alcohol, acid and silicones?
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Shea moisture brand. Google it. Found at Target, CVS and Walgreens. But I think target prices are bettwr
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Also try the Curls Brand at Target
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I think Kinky Curly products probably fit the bill too. Knot Today is a staple for me (does contain citric acid but I don't find it drying) and I love the Curling Custard.

ETA: This product line is also found at many Target stores or online
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All alcohols aren't drying. Some have lipids which help with shine and moisture.

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Most natural hair product lines don't contain alcohol. Cetyl alcohol and cetearyl alcohol are not bad alcohols for the hair...you should actually LOOK for theses alcohols in hair care products as they generally lend moisture and conditioning benefits that without them your hair product would not have. They are "good"/
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