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Question Green Tea?

Has anybody tried green tea in their hair? I figure its good for everything else why not the hair?

If so, does anybody have recipes?
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Originally Posted by PurpleRainDrops View Post
Has anybody tried green tea in their hair? I figure its good for everything else why not the hair?

If so, does anybody have recipes?
I used it to release the dye when I mixed my henna paste. I also used it to dilute shampoo.
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I have used it before. I dunked my hair in a bowl of it. I think it helped moisturize it. I can't be completely sure though since I used it after clarifying with lemon juice.
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Hello There!

I don't have any real suggestions, as I just got the green tea I ordered to experiment with. However, what I was going to do was mix it with some aloe juice or aloe vera gel as like an anti-oxidant treatment Or well aloe has so many good things in it, and so does tea -- and they are both mildly acidic, so I figured if I used the juice, it would make a nice rinse.

Sorry I don't have anything better hehe. I saw the title of the post and was hoping to get some ideas myself!
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Default not green tea but...

i use(d) chamomile tea. it was recommended for my natural red hair when i was younger in order to preserve the color and shine. i want to use it more often but i forget. i usually just brew a concentrated batch and spritz it all over, or use it in a deep treatment or i just mix it with my conditioner or shampoo. the spritz i like better since its a more direct concentrated approach, but then, if there's left overs, i have to put it in the fridge. i mean i could just toss it, but i dont like to waste ANYTHING! lol. i also used it as my water when making FSG. i havent really noticed a real difference, but my hair seems brighter.
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