first post

yeah, it is about time. . .
now what does everyone want to trade?
How does it work?

Is it to sell stuff, or just swap?
I dunno, exactly how it works but I would think it how ever we want it to work.
Trade, sell whatever.
Now I need to start looking down here too
Okay, I'll go rummage under the bathroom sink for all those products I used once and didn't like, then I'll post a list.
Rats! I just gave most of my stuff to my curly nephew.
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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Feli:
Rats! I just gave most of my stuff to my curly nephew.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

I'm kinda wondering what you gave your nephew. I mean the stuff for curly guys must be a bit different from those used by girls. Or is it actually the same?
I am new on this site - can someone explain to me the different ratings I am seeing regarding curly hair - i.e. 3a 3b etc. Thanks.
Hi Curly Aussie Girls, lovely to meet you all, especially those from the Sydney climate. I would love to swap tips on how to cope with curly hair and products. I am a newbie to and have lots to learn. I turn 36 soon and am keen to start making more of my hair, gotta take a bit more care now I'm this old if I wanna keep looking OK :-) The only foolproof products I've found that always work and keep on working after that first bottle are Delva Hairlife Conditioner and Delva Intense which is a treatment conditioner. What are your fave products? Any tips will be useful, I've always just let my hair go natural before. Take care, Resonant
Hi Resonant
I also use the Delva products mainly the Shampoo and Conditioner. I also use a Frizz Ezz Gel which gives my hair extra shine and controls the frizz but doesnt make my hair stiff. I have just had my hair cut from Bra strap length to just on my shoulders. This was a big step for me as Ive had it long for the last 20 years (Im 31). I was sick of putting it up every day as I couldnt control it. People with straight hair just dont understand and used to say I should wear it out all the time but it took age to do and I didnt think it looked professional. Now its great Im wearing it out heaps more and Im sure it will be cooler in summer. [img]images/smiles/icon_smile.gif[/img]
bye Katrina
Hi Katrina, great to hear from you and keep in touch. 31? I know what you mean, you just HAVE to cut it at that age and it's hard to adjust. I always wore mine in a long mane until then. Now I'm 35, what I've worn since I was 30 doesn't really work. I'd love to talk to you about it. My hair is really unusual, like most people with curly hair, hey? Straight is straight is straight. So apart from a forum like this, I don't really know anyone with similar hair to mine, and hairdressers often know less about it than me. Anyway, back to business ... Can you get either Delva Spray Sheen Sebum Balancer or Delva Lock In Moisturiser to work? Both make my hair horrible, I think I'm doing it wrong. Take care, Resonant
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by StressQueen:
yeah, it is about time. . .
now what does everyone want to trade?

Hiya, StressQueen, I'd love to trade tips! How'd you get rid of the bad hair days? I'm all ears :-) Do you have to wet your hair every day? I've found I have to but I would LOVE to stop it, it's too cold for that down here in winter now I'm 35. Take care, Resonant
I'm a 2C wavy with some spiral curls and I've found that the best thing for my hair is the Curly Girl routine.

I ordered the book through Angus and Robertson but you can pretty much understand the routine through all the Naturallycurly posts on the subject.

I shampoo my hair approximately once a month now, but I rub my scalp with conditioner and condition my hair every second day. Along with Sunsilk No Frizz and Curl Booster and a little Redken Glass, I get lovely defined curls and waves with this routine. And no, my hair and scalp don't smell or look greasy.
Hi Fiona and All.

Wow, I tried Sunsilk curl booster yesterday and I had all bits of fluffy stuff stuck IN my hair and all over the shoulders of my jacket by the end of the day, maybe I used too much. Maybe it only works on C hair, mine is very very fine but MASSES of it. It was like the product had dried in my hair and bits were falling out. Anyway, it was gross and I was shampooing it out by 9pm. And it won't brush off the jacket.

And thanks for the hot tip, I will DEFINITELY order the book.

Has anyone tried that Pantene refresher called Ready Set Curl?
Wow Resonant! I think you probably did use too much, because I've never had anything like that happen to me.

I use a blob of Curl booster about the size of a 10 cent piece, with a small squirt of Redken Glass, and I apply it to my hair when it's wet in the shower. Then I use the shake-in-the-shower method (do a search on the hair board for this topic) and I get really nice results.

My advice is to read as many of the posts on the hair board relating to the no-shampoo and shake methods and work out what's best for you.
Yeah ... After you said it worked so well, i tried again and it was better, and I applied it section by section. But i had to use 8 x 10 cent pieces to coat my hair, the first time I had to use about double that but that was before I read someone's tip in an old post about applying section by section. Just one 10 cent piece would barley coat my fringe!

Anyway, it did work well when I tried again, but only for abotu 12 hours - and the next morning, it was pretty greasy and stringy looking. I tried just damping and putting 20 cents more of the product on, but it didn't help, so i had to wet and start again.

Take care,

Hi Resonant, Fiona & other curly heads

I havent tried Delva Spray Sheen Sebum Balancer but have used the Delva Lock In Moisturiser. Found the Lock in Moisturiser ok but am now using Silhouette vitalising mousse which I find nice (its lighter in my hair. Im also using Silhouette Extra Hold Mousse, this hold my hair really well but isnt crunchy. I wash my hair with Delva then squeeze towel dry put the vitalising mousse through my hair then the Extra Hold Mousse. I then comb it through, give a light scrunch and blow dry with a difuser on. Or sometimes I section my hair into big ringlets (not a good look at first) all over my head and dry it like this then just shake to seperate them. This helps to calm my hair down and gives bigger softer curls. If Im feeling creative I just twist sections of the front back and pin them at the crown and leave the back out. I can usually just wet and go the next day but generally have to wash every second or third day. Im going to give just washing with Conditioner like Fiona suggested a go as my hair can be dry and this may help - I'll let you know if it makes a difference. Bye Katrina [img]images/smiles/icon_smile.gif[/img]
On washign with conditioner, I hesitate to say too much because I have not got the CG book yet, but I have been doing something similar for 15 years. I had to quit soap 15 years because of my skin, and since then have only put actual shampoo on my scalp and hair periodically, when i got dirty gardenign or whatever. In the last 5 years, I have used QV Wash instead of soap exclusivley. I rang Ego Pharmaceuticals after finding this website and it contains water + glycerol + sodium laurel sulphate, just a bit, this is the mildest detergent, + a couple of preservatives, they say any product with water in it also needs preservatives. Nowadawys, I conditioner rinse every day and use QV Wash once every 5-7 days, and I shampoo 1. if i have been spreading fertilisers or mulch around, they're pretty dusty and 2. maybe once a month as a clarifying thing.

Anyway, as i say, I want to stop wetting it completely every day and i have not got the CG book yet, but conditioner rinsing has been both a lifesaver and a staple for me for a long time. And soap sucks!

Take care,


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